12 Pros & Cons of The NordicTrack Studio Cycle

“Packs a punch with on-demand global workouts and trainer guidance, but limited membership and lack of live classes may put a spoke in its wheel.”

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  • With the purchase of the NordicTrack Studio Cycle, a 30-Day iFIT Family Membership is included. This means access to a vast catalogue of on-demand workouts on your new equipment is available to you.
  • The iFIT Family Membership opens up a world of Global Workouts. This exciting feature allows you, whilst working out, to virtually traverse and experience different global locations.
  • The NordicTrack Studio Cycle comes equipped with on-demand workouts, providing you with a library of versatile workout routines. Whatever your fitness inclination, whether it’s high-intensity interval training, endurance rides or scenic rides, there’s something for you.
  • In our NordicTrack Studio Cycle Review, we give high marks for its convenience and flexibility. The availability of on-demand workouts on your machine means you can work out whenever it fits into your schedule.
  • Experience top-notch coaching with the NordicTrack Studio Cycle’s expert instructors. These professionals are there to guide and motivate you through your workouts, enhancing your cycling experience and pushing you to new fitness heights.
  • The NordicTrack Studio Cycle demonstrates a variety of workout options included in the iFIT Family Membership. This feature ensures the workouts never get stale. Whether you’re just starting out in your fitness journey or a seasoned cyclist aiming for improvement, the NordicTrack Studio Cycle caters to all your needs.


  • Limited iFIT Family Membership: The NordicTrack Studio Cycle comes with a 30-Day iFIT family membership. However, this is valid only for a limited period. So, as part of the ‘NordicTrack Studio Cycle Review’, it should be noted that users may find themselves needing to purchase additional memberships to keep enjoying on-demand workouts once this expires.
  • Dependence on Global Workouts: This model primarily offers workouts through the Global Workouts scheme. Whilst this offers a broad range of workouts, it may not give the specificity some users require. It’s also limiting for those users who prefer a different style of workout.
  • Potential Internet Connectivity Issues: The NordicTrack Studio Cycle is dependent on internet connectivity for accessing the iFIT platform and streaming on-demand workouts. This could lead to disruption and hinder the overall experience if users face challenges with their internet connection.
  • Subscription Cost: The NordicTrack Studio Cycle comes with a 30-day iFit family membership, but this is limited. Users should bear in mind that there may be further costs in order to continue using the iFIT platform and its on-demand workouts over the long term. These costs could add significantly to the overall expense of using the Studio Cycle.
  • Limited Workout Customization: Even though the NordicTrack Studio Cycle provides access to on-demand workouts, the options for customization might be limited. Specifically, it may not cater to specific fitness levels or individual preferences, potentially inhibiting users from tailoring their workouts according to personal goals or requirements.
  • Lack of Live Class Options: Unlike some other indoor cycling alternatives, the NordicTrack Studio Cycle primarily focuses on on-demand workouts and may lack live class options. For those who thrive on real-time interaction and the motivational aspect of live classes, this could be seen as a downside.

Introduction to our NordicTrack Studio Cycle Review

Exercising at home just hit a new pinnacle with the arrival of the NordicTrack Studio Cycle. This is far from your average exercise bike – it’s an all-access pass to an immersive and personalised fitness experience. Our NordicTrack Studio Cycle Review reveals how this machine ingeniously combines cutting-edge technology with convenience, turning your home into a global fitness hub.

Equipped with a 30-Day iFIT Family Membership, the NordicTrack Studio Cycle opens up a vast world of on-demand workouts. Whether you’re an endurance enthusiast or a lover of high-intensity training, this stationery bike caters to your specific needs. It’s not just about breaking a sweat either, but keeping the process engaging and motivating.

The real cherry on top is the inclusion of Global Workouts. Picture this – embarking on virtual rides through beautiful landscapes around the world from the comfort of your living room. Pedal through vibrant city lanes or along tranquil coastal trails, transforming your workout into a captivating journey to far-off places. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into these features in the subsequent sections of our review.

iFIT Family Membership Benefits

As part of our NordicTrack Studio Cycle Review, another worth-discussing element is the 30-Day iFIT Family Membership that comes bundled with the bike. As if ordering a dish with a side of awesome, the multitude of exclusive perks offered by this membership tunes up the already impressive Studio Cycle experience.

The primary allure is the capability to access a world of on-demand workouts right on your NordicTrack Studio Cycle. It’s like having a personal trainer on speed dial, but without having to tidy the house before they come around. Whether you’re an early bird or night owl, your fitness agenda fits squarely into your schedule.

Flexing its globe-trotting muscles, the iFIT Family Membership also takes you on Global Workouts, both fantastical and sweat-inducing. Fancy a leisurely ride along the Seine or a heart-thumping hill climb in the Swiss Alps? With the Studio Cycle and iFIT membership, you can enjoy these global destinations without sweating over travel restrictions or exchange rates!

In the extensive library of iFIT’s on-demand workouts, variety is indeed the spice of life. A few taps on the console and voila, you’re spoilt for choice with numerous cycling classes from endurance rides and HIIT sessions to scenic rides. Talk about keeping boredom at the backseat and motivation on the front!

Want to ramp up the fun further? The iFIT Family Membership lets you create multiple user profiles. This means, everybody in the house gets to join the party with personalized workouts and progress tracking. From the hard-charging fitness freak to the laid-back cruiser, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

In conclusion, the bundled 30-Day iFIT Family Membership is a hefty cherry on top of your NordicTrack Studio Cycle. From on-demand workouts to extravagant global escapades, it enhances the cycling experience, making your fitness journey a joyous ride.

Global Workouts: Explore the World from Home

Life may land many a lemon at our disposal, but with the NordicTrack Studio Cycle, we can twist these into a veritable lemonade of fitness. One sip of this concoction and you may find yourself browsing through our detailed NordicTrack Studio Cycle Review. But before we wet your lips with such delicious detail, it might suit your curiosity to delve into one of the standout features. It’s time to fasten your seatbelts (or tighten your helmet straps) and gear up for a ride around the world, all from your very own living room.

This is the tantalizing treat of the Global Workouts feature. Hopping aboard the NordicTrack Studio Cycle, you’re accorded your own passport to ride through the heart of Paris, conquer the inclines of San Francisco, or glide along pristine Hawaiian beaches. It’s globetrotting without having to deal with pesky customs or worrying about travel insurance. The HD display and interactive technology pitch you squarely in the saddle, allowing you to soak in the world’s iconic landscapes on your daily ride. Who said stationary biking had to be stationary?

But it doesn’t just stop at visual immersion. The Global Workouts feature, the tiny maestro behind the scenes, cues flawless adjustments in your bike’s incline and resistance in relation to your chosen route’s terrain. Tackle steep slopes or coast along flat beaches without manually tampering with your settings. As the saying goes, when in Rome, climb as the Romans do!

Global Workouts is the ventriloquist of training variety, echoing a world of fitness possibilities right into your very home. Whether it’s your first time on the bike or you’re an Olympic cyclist keeping form, this feature promises to keep the wheels of your fitness journey spinning and your athletic spirit soaring.

On-Demand Workouts: Fit Exercise into Your Schedule

In our ongoing NordicTrack Studio Cycle Review, one detail that deserves a special highlight is the wide range of On-Demand workouts it offers. With a busy schedule, it’s often challenging to find the perfect time slot to fit exercise into. Luckily, the Studio Cycle ensures that is no longer an issue.

Along with your purchase, you enjoy a 30-Day iFIT Family Membership. This welcoming gift gives you access to an extensive library of on-demand workouts. Whether you’re someone who thrives on high-intensity interval training or seeks solace in serene scenic rides, the Studio Cycle has you covered. It offers an adaptable fitness journey designed to cater to all workout enthusiasts from beginners to serious athletes. Experiment, challenge yourself, and most importantly, enjoy as you explore the variety of workout lengths from speedy, focused 10-minute sessions to endurance-building 60-minute rides.

A standout feature that deserves applause is the Global Workouts. In this unique adventure, while on the studio cycle, you can travel to various global locations from your living room. Cycle next to the stunning canals of Amsterdam or conquer the undulating terrains of New Zealand’s scenic hills. The NordicTrack Studio Cycle is therefore not just about fitness, but it’s also a way to tour the world from the comfort of your home.


In weighing the pros and cons, it is clear the NordicTrack Studio Cycle certainly packs a punch when it comes to features. Its inclusion of a 30-Day iFIT Family membership gives users access to a plethora of on-demand workouts, allowing you to experience global locations from the comfort of your exercise routine. The flexibility and convenience of such a feature, guided by professional trainers, accommodate everyone from workout novices to seasoned fitness fanatics.

However, the NordicTrack Studio Cycle is not without its caveats. With the iFIT membership only valid for a limited period, users may find themselves shelling out further cash to enjoy the benefits over the long-term. It also depends reasonably heavily on a good internet connection and global workouts, which can pose a hurdle for those preferring individual and tailored routines, and those with unstable internet. Moreover, the lack of live class options might disappoint those individuals who enjoy a more interactive environment.

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